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Peeler Deliveries

The plywood plant consumes approximately 245,000 m3 annually, of which 80% is fir and the balance is spruce, balsam, whitepine and hemlock. Canoe Forest Products, purchases peeler logs on the open market to supplement the needs of the plywood plant. Fibre is sourced from other major licencees, woodlots, BCTS, and private timber holdings, who demonstrate an interest in managing their forest lands in a sustainable manner.

Peelers are purchased throughout BC and delivered to the nearest scale site. All deliveries are weighed through a Ministry of Forests scale program and then stored in Shuswap Lake. Tug boats tow the booms of logs to the mill site at Canoe.

Canoe Forest Products operates three Log dumps on Shuswap Lake - Canoe which is at the mill site, Lee Creek which is in the North Shuswap, and Two Mile which is in Seymour Arm. The Canoe scale operates on a steady basis while the other two sites operate on an as needed basis.

Specialty products such as cedar poles, cedar float logs, house logs, beam logs and oversize logs are sorted and marketed to prospective buyers.

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